The Two Thrones

Landon's Letter Home - 1

Note: I think this is a really awesome way to kind of refresh all of our memories about the game, and since Mark’s been kind enough to provide it, I’ll put it up here for all to see. All credit goes to him for these ‘Letter’ posts.

Dear Mother,

I hope this letter finds you well. As you’ve probably guessed when you got this letter I managed to survive Ostagar, though it was a near thing. I’m afraid I cannot return home yet though and I’ll explain why. In the aftermath I came across two other survivors, Dinaim, a noble-born who also hails from Denerim, and Leanne, a mage of the circle and an elf to boot, I mentioned in my last letter that some of the circle mages were elves didn’t I? We came across, or all things, the king himself in his final moments and he tasked us with delivering a trinket to a Ser Vann.

We found this knight just as he was defeated by a Qunari Giant. We were able to talk the Qunari down however though he deceived us into thinking he was a hunter of darkspawn when in reality he was a common murderer. I can scarcely forgive myself for allowing him to walk away though luckily he was brought to justice. Ser Vann then sent us to Redcliffe.

On the way we came across an odd Dwarf by the name of Restyk and an even stranger man by the name of Garren. Upon arriveing we were sent into the Tunnels to find a Malficar. Several members of our roup were greatly wounded however and we had to return empty handed. We will return to the tunnels in the morn.

I am greatly concerned mother. I joined the Kings Army to fight Darkspawn but since Ostagar I have killed more fellow humans than in all my years as a guard and seen horrors I can not imagine. Please let everyone know I am well and tell Rosana to keep an eye on our younger siblings. I will write again as soon as I am able.





That’s quite funny actually cause Dinaim wrote letters home in another game I played him in

Landon's Letter Home - 1

Diniam’s letters now:

Dear Mum: Today I had alcohol-fueled hate-sex with a demon crow, set a little girl elf mage up with a boisterous pirate woman, almost slit a barmaid’s throat, and once again nearly fucking died.

Your loving son,


Landon's Letter Home - 1

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