“All of you have died on the battleground at Ostagar. But, in your last moments, a beautiful voice calls you back to the world. You awake in the morning after the battle, death and decay all around you. A few paces away is the body of your dying King, Cailan Theirin. He leans against a tattered banner of Fereldan, and a crow perched atop the banner glares down at the dying monarch.”

The Two Thrones is an online campaign for the Dragon Age RPG system. It is a dark, grim fantasy campaign in which the players will start out on the gory battlefields of Ostagar and embark on an adventure that will shake the very foundations of Thedas.

Players will not only complete an epic adventure, but also set and achieve goals for their characters in a variety of side-quests tailored to player’s tastes.

Owning a copy of the Dragon Age RPG books is not required to play. However, the game will contain spoilers from the Dragon Age: Origins video game and Return to Ostagar DLC. Playing the video games is recommended, but certainly not required.

The game will be played online via MapTools.

The Two Thrones