The Forgotten Thaig

The heroes stumble upon a mysteriously abandoned digsite… and a forgotten dwarven Thaig.

The Guards

Two tough-looking, heavily armored guards stand in front of the stone-work double doors leading into the Grimmwalden Estate. As you approach, their hands drift cautiously to the handles of their intimidating looking hand axes.

The Arena Master

You pick the master of the arena out easily, as it’s very clear that he is the center of attention. He yells at orderlies scurrying about, barking quick orders and reviewing sheets of parchment before nodding and sending them off again. He is clearly a busy man, but he grins widely as you approach.

The Arena

The roar of the arena is deafening as you enter it. The seats are literally packed to capacity, apparently this proving has gotten a lot of publicity and is exteremely well-attended. The arena master, clad in finery, steps forward from a balcony, addressing the crowd in a booming voice.

“Ladies and gentleman! I give you surfacers, come to our great city of Orzammar to test their strength against the stone! May the stone grant them an epic battle, if need be a good death, and to all of us, a fine spectacle!”

The roars of applause and cheering mix into a new sound, a rythmic, fast-paced beat, like a giant beating upon a mountain. Into the arena burst several large, leathery, fearsomely large beasts; the stadium has pitted you against Brontos!

The Mission

After the battle, you are busy being congratulated by the master of ceremonies and other dwarves who made money betting on the staggering odds against you. A particular dwarf approaches, clad in noble finery, and the others part for him.

“Quite a performance, you lot. I don’t think I’ve seen a Bronto fight where at least one of the combatants didn’t get gored or mauled. Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Torvell Grimmwalden, brother to Alric Grimmwalden. I understand you have some business with my house?”

Hidden in our ancient Thaig is a book of family records. Mostly it is of a sentimental and symbolic nature to my house, representing our proud heritage. Our Thaig is not deep in the roads, but when a Blight is not underway, it is overrun with darkspawn.

The journey into the deep roads, while nerve-wracking, is relatively peaceful. Save for a few scares in the dark and the occasional genlock scout, nothing tries to horribly murder you. Finally, you come across the Grimmwalden Thaig, a carved entrance into the sold rock, scattered with debris and few signs of any sort of habitation in a very long time. In the distance inside, you can hear the soft sound of running water.

You come across a dark, deep pool of dark red liquid. It seems to be fed by a thin canal running to the other side of the room.

In this room along the wall are three distinct wheeled valves.

In this room is three faucet spigots, feeding dark red liquid into the canal.

The Forgotten Thaig

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