Tactical Retreats

If a PC is felled by an enemy and dying, they can either attempt to crawl away by passing a constitution check, or be dragged away by an Ally, also at half speed.

If the PC’s decide that the time has come for an expedient exit and have a clear route of exit (ie are in an open area), they may perform a ‘Tactical Retreat.’ Note, that if the PC’s are surrounded or in an enclosed area, a Tactical Retreat may not be possible or even necessary (ie running through a door in an enclosed area and then slamming it shut).

When performing a tactical retreat, the party picks up any fallen members and makes a run for it. In addition, any of the characters may choose to ‘cover’ the retreat, which will be discussed in more detail below.

If at least one character chooses to ‘cover’ the retreat, the other party members automatically escape. However, the pursuers will chase after the ‘covering’ characters, focusing on catching them. Covering characters open themselves up to potential attack by standing their ground for at least one turn before fleeing, allowing their allies to escape and forcing their pursuers to deal with them first.

To pursue fleeing enemies, a character must make an opposed Constitution (Running) check in which the modifier is the difference between the pursuer and the fleeing character. For instance, if Sten chases a fleeing Genlock, his speed being 10 and the genlock’s being 8, Sten gets a +2 to bonus to the opposed check.

If a pursuer makes the opposed check, they can perform a regular attack against the fleeing character. On the next turn, the pursuer must make another check to catch the fleeing character again, and so on until the check is failed. If the check is failed, the fleeing character escapes.

Characters who have escaped can perform any action as usual, including healing other wounded characters. Characters who have escaped may also ‘go back’ for other characters that have fallen during the retreat, and are considered to be ‘covering’ the retreat.

If a character falls during a retreat, they may be rescued by any other character in the party. However, the rescuing character will be attacked by the pursuers (ie they don’t get a ability check) at least once, and then may try to escape again with their fallen comrade in tow. Of course, a character cannot run and carry two fallen allies at once, the possible exception being either Qunari or Golem characters. If a character is not rescued on the turn that they fall, they will most likely be captured by their enemies, rather than Coup de Grace’d.

Tactical Retreats

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