Major and Minor Actions

Major Actions

  • Charge: You may move up to half your Speed (rounded down) in yards and then make a melee attack against an adjacent enemy. You gain a +1 bonus on your attack roll.
  • Defend: You concentrate on defending yourself this round. Until the beginning of your next turn, you gain a +2 bonus to your Defense.
  • Heal: You provide some quick first aid to an injured ally. You must be adjacent to your ally and you must have bandages ready. This is a TN 11 Cunning(Heal¬ing) test. If you are successful, your ally gets back an amount of Health equal to the Dragon Die + your Cunning. A character cannot benefit from another heal action until he takes additional damage.
  • Melee Attack: You attack one adjacent enemy in hand-to-hand combat. An enemy within 2 yards of you is considered adjacent.
  • Ranged Attack: You fire or throw a missile weapon at one visible enemy within range.
  • Run: You can move up to double your Speed in yards. You cannot take this action if you are prone (you’d need to use the Move action to stand up first).

Minor Actions

  • Activate: This action allows you to start using certain powers or items, such as fighting styles and potions.
  • Aim: You take the measure of your opponent and plan your next strike. If your next action is a melee attack or ranged attack, you gain a +1 bonus on your attack roll.
  • Move: You can move up to your Speed in yards. You can also go prone, stand up, or mount a horse or ve¬hicle, but if you do so you can only move at half Speed (rounded down).
  • Prepare: You pick one major action that you prepare to execute and then end your turn. Any time until your next turn, you can interrupt another character and take your prepared action immediately. If you don’t use it by your next turn, the action is lost. You cannot take the prepared action if you’ve already taken a major action on your turn.
  • Ready: You can unsheathe a weapon, pull out a potion, or otherwise ready an item that is stowed. As part of this action, you can put away something already in hand. You could thus put away your bow and a draw a sword, for example.

Major and Minor Actions

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