Health and Healing

The Heal action can now be performed by anyone with a Healer’s Kit using the standard rules. No one may use a Heal Action on themselves.

In order to perform the Heal action, the character performing the Heal action and the character being healed may not have any enemies currently adjacent to them.

The Heal Spell has the same range as the Arcane Lance.

Healing and Lyrium Potions may be used immediately adjacent to enemies.

Taking a breather no longer requires the expenditure of Travel Rations.

Healing, both mundane and magical, no longer instantaneously restores a dying character to consciousness. However, successfully healing a dying character does ‘stabilize’ them, meaning that they cannot be coup de grace’d until their health falls to zero again. Also, if a stabilized character makes a successful constitution check they can perform a major action or move up to half their speed. A dying character may perform a successful constitution check in order to move up to half their speed as well.

RP Notes:

The Heal Action represents a character quickly bandaging another character’s wounds, maybe smearing a balm or salve over a few bruises, and maybe adding in a bit of whiskey for the pain. The Heal Spell represents a mage twisting the Fade as to actively close wounds, restore lost vitality, and give injured characters the boost needed to keep fighting. Its effects are less reliable than mundane healing, but can be more powerful.

A breather, as noted in the core rules, consists of characters taking a quick 5 minute break to drink some water and tend to minor cuts and abrasions. These breathers give mundane and magical healing ‘time’ to work, therefore allowing for healing.

A good night’s rest (8 hours in a comfortable bed) heals a character in much the same way, by allowing the mundane and magical healing received to work.

Magic in Thedas is, by its nature, inherently destructive, at least according to the Chantry and Qunari. Therefore, healing magic and mundane healing can only go so far, and cannot be used to cure major injuries such as broken limbs or deep, fatal illnesses. Were mages able to use their magic in such a constructive manner, it is likely that they would be viewed less as ‘horrible potential abominations against the Maker’ by the Chantry, and it is doubtful that they would be confined to towers and Templar oversight. Who knows? Maybe someday some enterprising mage will be able to show Thedas that mages have more to offer than setting the heads of fools ablaze.

All healing in Thedas, including the mundane healing used by non-mages, is laced with lyrium and remnants of the Fade. For this reason, healing works faster than one might expect. Although, as stated above, this healing can only go so far.

Health and Healing

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