Character Building

Fill out Character Sheets here, please.

In general, follow the rules prescribed in the player’s guide. However, a few house rules apply. Some may feel that it takes away from the ‘classic’ feel of the game to allow this degree of customization, but I include these rules merely as an option. If you like, you can roll for your results on the honor system.

Attribute Buying

If you wish, rather than rolling for a random allotment of attributes, you may use a simple point-buy system. Basically, all your attribute points must add up to 11, and each individual attribute can range from -2 to 4.

Starting Health and Mana

To prevent anyone being screwed over by bad rolls, simply ‘take 4’ for d6 rolls to determine starting health and mana.

Background Choosiness

If you wish, you may choose from the benefits listed for your background, rather than randomly selecting them with dice. Of course, benefits must be justified by your character’s backstory.

Character Ties

I will not be requiring you to have any ties with any of the other player characters, though you may determine them during the first session if you wish.


It is recommended that you travel with at least 1 mage who knows the Heal spell. If you prefer not to die horribly and quickly.


Everyone has sixty silver with which to buy extraneous equipment. See the Equipment page for advice on what to buy.

Character Building

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