Character Backgrounds

All backgrounds listed in the Player’s Guide are open, and any custom backgrounds will be considered / encouraged. However, it is important to keep in mind that all PC’s must have a reason for being at the Battle of Ostagar, or at least it’s immediate aftermath. Below are some suggestions on how to get you character there. It is important to note that your character may NOT start as grey wardens.

Furthermore, it is possible (even encouraged) that your character ‘died’ at the Battle of Ostagar. Don’t worry, they won’t stay dead for long, so go ahead and write a dramatic death, or at least a near-death experience.


An apostate character will most likely be one living in the Korcari Wilds, and may have been drawn to the aftermath of the Battle of Ostagar for any reason, though, for obvious reasons, they would not be fighting in the battle.


The Avvar’s are skilled hunters and fighters, and find easy work in Fereldan as Mercenaries in King Calain’s armies.

Circle Mage

The Circle sent a cadre of mages to assist Calain and the Grey Wardens at the Battle of Ostagar.

City Elf

There aren’t many ways out of the Alienage, and signing up as a mercenary is as good as any other.

Dalish Elf

This one is a bit tricky. Maybe a lone Dalish joined up as a mercenary, or was sent by their tribe to report on the growing darkspawn threat.

Fereldan Freeman

This one has the most potential. You enlisted in the king’s army, but why? Running away from a crime? Hoping for glory? Just hoping for a hot meal? You get to decide.

Surface Dwarf

Dwarves are powerful fighters, and are welcome additions to the mercenary forces of the king’s army.

Character Backgrounds

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