King Cailan Theirin

The King of Fereldan


Son of King Maric Theirin and Queen Rowan, Cailan Theirin is the current King of Ferelden. He has been king since his father’s death five years ago, ruling alongside his wife Queen Anora, daughter of the hero Loghain Mac Tir.


Cailan’s mother had a love of books, and Cailan inherited this. He loved hearing heroic tales as a child, particularly those describing his father’s rise to power. His mother died when he was still young and Cailan grew up with no brothers or sisters. However, at some point he became aware that Alistair was his half-brother. Even though they only ever met once as children, Cailan stayed informed about his life and knew enough about Alistair to give Anora a sense of his personality.

Cailan was not raised by his father alone. Loghain helped raise him and helped to organize his marriage to Anora, when both were still children. Although it started as a political arrangement, and Cailan wasn’t entirely faithful, it eventually grew into something more. Cailan was happy to allow Anora to deal with the administrative aspects of ruling, as to his mind, a true king unites his people against a common enemy.

Rather than being concerned at the increasing number of darkspawn, Cailan embraces it as a chance to forge a legend of his own, by fighting alongside the Grey Wardens in Ostagar. He is so determined to emerge victorious that he invites Orlesian soldiers, even though Ferelden has only been free from their rule for thirty years. When battle arrives, despite advice to the contrary, Cailan insists on fighting on the front-lines. When Loghain pulls his troops from the field, Cailan and the Grey Wardens are overwhelmed by the darkspawn and he is subsequently crushed to death in the grip of an ogre.

King Cailan Theirin

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