The Two Thrones

Leanne's Journal Log #1

Journal Log #1

While everyone is having many drinks in the bar, Lede sneaks away to an empty room to write the events that have occurred so far and her thoughts..

I have cheated death on more occasions then I can to count in the last several weeks. While I have enjoyed my time outside of the tower, I find that the world is much harsher and less idealistic than I previously had known from reading the books in the tower. From Ostagar to Lothering to Redcliffe, the road we traveled was dangerous with bandits and darkspawn, however my companions have stood by me thus far and I am fortunate to have such company.

Landon, a warrior of Ferelden is an honorable man of great stature, far taller than I; his skills with any weapon are impressive to say the least. The spiders of the Redcliffe dungeons are a testament to that skill.

Diniam is a very strange fellow much more interested in drink, women, and coin than darkspawn at times. However he reminds me not to take things too seriously and occasionally shows great insight in midst of his rampant conversation.

Flemeth, an obviously very powerful apostate, has not shown herself to us, though I doubt her current personality is any different in any form in which she chooses. She has a hidden agenda; I can only hope we are on the beneficial side of such a goal.

The events of the tower have shaken my resolve and my willpower, to have lived on at the sacrifice of another is not something one takes lightly. I can only hope Mistress Wynne took out as many demons as she could have in her final moments. Soon after, we embarked towards the port city of Amaranthine.

Amaranthine, the air is fresh and the ocean beautiful, it is my only hope that here we can find quick and safe passage to Orlais. I hear the Orlesians make some of the finest luxury items that can be found anywhere. However, the most interesting thing I have heard of late is the presence of Dalish in the forests near Amaranthine. I have recovered an elvish tome from the archives of the Circle of Magi. It is my hope I can exchange this information to the Dalish keeper in exchange for him teaching me the language of the Elves; it would allow me to greatly expand on my research. I am hoping to request of them the legendary material of the Dalish, the Ironbark, in order to create a superior wand.

My companions travel here to find a man who has ran off madly in love with a woman. It is an oddity for me to go after such a fiscal pair, but if it will get us to Orlais, I am more than willing to do my part. We must get to the Empress soon.



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